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Their sizes range from the tiny 14/0 to size 6 or larger.

Both even and odd numbers have been found, but the even numbers are most common.

This lovely SFBJ Eden Bebe size 1 (17.5 inches / 44,5 cm) below was purchased by a collector in Belgium, wearing this handmade print cotton dress and her original honey-colored human hair wig; later she moved back to France, and just recently, she arrived in America--still just as beautiful.

She has a papier mache body and legs, with turned wood arms and composition hands. This is a much larger size 6 Eden Bebe made by the SFBJ during the WWI era, with set paperweight glass eyes and original human hair wig.

This is another lovely example of the unusual size 6 Eden Bebe.An early mold used by the SFBJ is simply known as the "SFBJ Paris" and that is all that is seen for its mark, plus a size number at the base of the neck. Like many SFBJ dolls, this head mold was made both in bisque and in their unique pasteboard material.The SFBJ Paris dolls came in a wide range of sizes, including a small size which can be mistaken for Bleuette.Eden Bebes' heads were manufactured in Germany, but have French-made bodies of wood and composition, or in the case of 5-piece bodies, all composition.The larger sizes have open mouths with teeth, while the smallest have closed mouths. They have a small chin dimple, and a molded eyelid line, with slanted painted eyelashes.

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The smallest doll has single stroke Below is the second smallest 60 made, a 9 inch, 23 cm, fully articulated 60 in size 12/0.

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